The Farm



 Maryton Park so named because of its midway location between Marysville & Buxton (5 kms either way) The farm was originally established some 40 years ago.  It became very popular with international tourists, due to the previous owners being German & Danish.” The Danish Coffee Garden” operated during that time. Penni & Tony purchased the property in 2001, previously owning a very successful “Blackberry Cottage Cakes” a shop in Upwey.


We all know the story of that day.  Maryton Park didn’t escape the fires, the property was attacked by 3 fire fronts between the hours of 6.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.  All of the outbuildings were destroyed.  It was only through the determination of Tony, his Brother in Law Graham and former chef Stan that the buildings were saved.  That and an old fashioned pump & farming irrigation pipes dousing the main house with water and a couple of fortunate and timely wind changes.  The morning after it was already evident that the community was destroyed.  At Maryton the smouldering black earth and fallen trees made a sorry sight to behold.  The air was thick with smoke.


Penni & Tony have managed to carry on and rebuild their business after much hardship.  They have continued on relentlessly, despite adversity, while Marysville is rebuilt and the fragmented community is once again, as is the area, coming alive.

It is with pride that we can see the garden recovering to its former glory.

Maryton Park is a working farm. Guests are welcome to walk around the farm, but must leave gates as they find them. We run Angus Beef with our calving time around September/October, so throughout spring and summer you can enjoy little calves running and playing in the fields at the back of our cottages.
The Lake
Maryton also grows there own berries; raspberries, Californian blackberries and blueberries during the summer months, so these are usually served with breakfast or deserts in our restaurant. We make our jam, which is for sale to the public, or you can just enjoy it on your croissant or toast at breakfast.

The ducks roam our gardens or enjoy swimming in the trout stocked lake. The chickens also free to roam wherever. They lay our free-range eggs used for breakfast. You are welcome to fish in our lake or wander down through the paddock to the Steavensons River which runs through our property, so don’t forget your fishing rods, you never know, you might catch a fish or two and like to throw them on the undercover BBQ with everything supplied down by our lake.